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Hvar – A Destination Wedding Oasis

Hvar is One of the Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations in Croatia

When you think about one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, Hvar is definitely at the top of that list. When planning a trip to Croatia 99.9% of the time Hvar is on the itinerary of places to see.

Many ask, what is the hype about?

Hvar is one of those places that everything just looks perfect. When you are walking along the narrow streets you feel like every inch of that place has its own story – a story that was written centuries ago.

You feel as if you are in the pages of a fairytale– like you are Cinderella and this is the place that you will find your Prince Charming.

This island is just something out of the ordinary, a place you feel like anything is possible, you feel free, alive and incredibly happy. It’s a place that will inspire your heart, your mind and your body.

Photo by Nikola Smernic

Croatia Wedding Planner, Hvar Town by Nikola Smernic

I remember when I spent a number of months in Hvar town. I felt like I was placed somewhere where all of your dreams can come true. Every corner and detail of the island left me mesmerized.   I was never tired and always felt the need to explore this beautiful island, which is famous for having the most sunny days in the year – 349 days in total.

If you are still wondering why is Hvar so popular and why couples love it… Perhaps these interesting facts will help you understand….

Hvar is something out of the ordinary. It is a wedding planners dream. A place of true inspiration because of its natural beauty, picturesque scenery and the feeling like everything is possible.

Hvar Town

Hvar Town is the most famous and the largest destination on the Island. It offers a stunning natural bay, protected by the Pakelni Islands right in front. Many yachts, sailboats and catamarans use it as their safe haven all year long. It is a very vibrant, happening and exciting city – particularly in the summer months, as thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it regularly. Many of the island’s most exclusive venues, restaurants and hotels are located in Hvar Town. It has a regular catamaran ferry service from the port of Hvar to Split, Brač, Korčula, Vis, Lastovo and Dubrovnik.

Croatia Wedding Planner, Hvar Town by Nikola Smernic

Croatia Wedding Planner, Hvar Town by Nikola Smernic

Hvar Town is the most popular wedding destination on the Island, if not the most popular in Croatia, maybee only second to Dubrovnik. There are a number of private locations to host wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. There are about 5 different stunning locations just minuets away from each other.


Secluded Beaches

Hvar has some of the most picturesque beaches in Croatia. Hvar also has many secluded bays and beaches you will be able to discover by walking along the coast or renting a small boat. Here are some favorites.

Croatia Wedding Planner, Hvar Beach by Aaron Hicklin

Croatia Wedding Planner, Hvar Beach by Aaron Hicklin

Dubovica Beach near the town of Stari Grad.

The very romantic Lučišća Beach near Sveta Nedjelja (according to a legend this is a very fertile beach, so for all the lovebirds looking to conceive, you should definitely visit this beach and give each other some love).

Kabal Peninsula near the village Rudine, offers some of the most secluded beaches and caves on the island.

The southern village of Gdinj offers many beautiful beaches, including Medvidina Bay, Lučica Bay, Pakomina cove.

Zavala beach is a secluded beach with rosemary, lavender scents and many olive groves and vineyards nearby.

Grebišće near Jelsa and Mlaska near Sućuraj are sandy beaches on the island, with shallow waters and lots of shade areas.


Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands is a set of islands located directly across Hvar Town; they have a very unusual and unique shape with crystal-clear waters, secluded beaches and lagoons.   Including the famous Kordovan Beach, Perna Beach and Amo Beach.

Croatia Wedding Planner, Pakleni Islands by Shufu

Croatia Wedding Planner, Pakleni Islands by Shufu

Pakleni Islands is a sailors paradise, as it offers some of the most idyllic anchorages.

Sveti Klement (Palmižana), Jerolim and Stipanska bay, Ždrilca bay and Mlini beach on the island of Marinkovac are the most popular destinations on the islands.

Sv. Klement (Palmižana) is a popular wedding destination, where couples choose from many exclusive locations to have their ceremony, followed by a reception at one of many nearby restaurants with stunning views of the Pakleni Islands and the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia Wedding Planner, Pakleni Islands Wedding Venue by Vladyslav Morozov

Croatia Wedding Planner, Pakleni Islands Wedding Venue by Vladyslav Morozov

If you choose to have your wedding at one of the many locations on Pakleni Islands, no worries about transportation, as there are many regular water taxies at your disposal from Hvar Town port to the desired location on Pakleni Islands.


Famous Vineyards

If you are a lover of wine, you will be happy to know that some of the best Croatian wines come from the Island of Hvar. In fact, Hvar Island has become one of the world’s most interesting wine regions. Some of the famous wineries on the island include: including Zlatan Otok in Sveta Nedjelja, Hvar’s most famous winery, Andro Tomić winery in Jelsa, and Vina Duboković in Jelsa. There are a number of other great wineries and wine makers on the island, however these three are one of the most famous in Croatia.

Actually, these wineries have become famous for something else – destination-weddings. After visiting the wineries during their holiday on Hvar, many couples choose wineries, such as the ones listed above, as their perfect wedding venue location to exchange their vows.


Lavender Lagoon

Hvar has also been a very famous for the growth of lavender for centuries. This delightful herb not only has many medical properties, it also has a very pleasant and relaxing scent. It grows in lush fields in some of the most beautiful locations on the island. Lavender is also a very popular wedding flower. Many brides love it for their scent and for its beauty and simplicity. If you choose to get married in Hvar, it is recommended that you choose the months of May and June as these are the Lavender harvesting months – and there are also far less crowds during this time than in July and August.

It is no wonder that the island of Hvar is growing in popularity among the romantic couples out there! The natural beauty, rich vegetation, picturesque locations, secluded bays and lagoons – it is a lovers paradise, and something that you only see and read in fairytale books.


Happy Wedding Planning in Croatia!