Let us introduce ourselves

We are Jela and Marijana, two sisters who fell in love with the charm of wedding planning after Jela's wedding in Croatia. Creating this magical day was like putting together a puzzle; fitting the pieces together was both fun and challenging, and when it all came together, the masterpiece in the end was well worth it!

After that, we knew what we were destined for.

We're both born in Croatia and raised in Canada. They say though, home is where the heart is, and our hearts have always been in Croatia. That's why we came back.

Meet the team

We pay special attention to detail and provide extraordinary service with the understanding that only perfection will suffice.

Jela Kovačević
co-founder of Croluxe
She's the brain behind everything. Given her MBA and M.A. in International Business, this is not surprising. On top of this, her well-developed career includes marketing and event planning in the travel industry. With Jela, there is no such thing as an unfinished task. You can rely on her to get everything done, because even if you forget something, Jela won't.
Marijana Begonja
co-founder of Croluxe
She's the eye of the operation. With a lengthy service oriented background, including an MBA and M.Sc. in Strategic Management, attention to detail has been her key to success. Always being creative and finding the fun in everything, she's the person to bring your ideas to life
Croatia is a beautiful gem that no one can resist. After all, isn't that why you've picked this special spot to start the rest of your lives together?