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It’s One Week Till The Wedding: Last Minute Things To Do

What Every Bride Needs To Do One Week Before Her Wedding

You are planning a destination wedding and there is only one week left until your big day! You ask yourself, how do I organize myself when there are a million things I still have to do?

First, DO NOT STRESS! Think about creating a list of the MOST IMPORTANT things you have to do. Not all of the MILLION things on your list and in your head are important.

Two, you have to prioritize and delegate some of your tasks. This is where mom, your sister, your brother, your maid of honor, your bridesmaids and of course YOUR WEDDING PLANNER… come in handy! Let them HELP YOU!


Wedding Planner Croatia Photo by Nikola Smernic

Wedding Planner Croatia
Photo by Nikola Smernic

Prioritize and delegate your tasks. Turn to your wedding planner, wedding party and family members for help.

Week Before Departure Wedding Planning Check List

Now, if your wedding is a destination wedding – we hope it is and it’s in Croatia! Here are the items that should be at the top of your list:


Photo by Dino Stanin

Photo by Dino Stanin


1. Check your departure time and terminal number at the airport.


2. Place your passport in your purse.


3. Contact your hotel or other accommodation to make sure the date of arrival and time of arrival is set.


4. Make arrangements for transportation from the hotel to your accommodation; and from your accommodation to your wedding venue.


5. Pack your bags – and please do not forget your wedding dress, just kidding, we know this is the first item on your list.


6. Pack your rings.


7. Pack your wedding shoes. (That is two wedding shoes – you always need back up!)


8. Pack outfits for the rehearsal dinner, day after the wedding and do not forget a light wardrobe for your honeymoon.


At The Wedding Destination


Wedding Planner Croatia Photo by Nikola Smernic


1. Set up a meeting with your wedding planner. Discuss set up, décor, vendor roles, schedules and payment schedules.


2. Visit the ceremony and reception venue with the wedding planner and go through last minute details about décor, set up, menu etc.


3. Go over the day of the wedding schedule with the wedding planner, catering vendor, ceremony leader, toastmaster, DJ/Band, Photographer, and all those who plan on saying speeches.


4. Meet with the ceremony officiate and make sure they have all the necessary legal documentation.


5. Meet with the photographer to go over the shoot list (if you have a shoot list), let him/her know what kind of images you would like to have and choose your scenery.


6. Prepare gift bag for your guests.


7. Prepare gifts for best man and maid of honor.


8. Arrange time and place to have your bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere delivered.


9. Arrange hair and make up trial at least 3 days before the wedding.


10. Do not wait until the last day for manicure and pedicure. Arrange an appointment at least 2 days before the wedding.


11. Try on your dress upon arrival and have it pressed and altered (if needed).


12. Break in your shoes please! Wear your shoes around the house a few days before the wedding. Your feet will thank you on your wedding day. And do have a second pair of shoes in your purse or in your maid of honor’s purse.


13. If you have written your own wedding vows, rehearse them in a special place.


14. Assign roles to your friends and family members, and like we said at the begging of this blog – delegate, delegate and more delegate!


15. Pack a bridal emergency kit on the day of your wedding. Items should include: lipstick, hair pins/clips, safety pins, tissue/wipes, band aid, deodorant, gum/mints, hairspray, small scissors, tape, perfume, toothbrush/paste. Oh and one more thing – baking soda! Yes you heard right, baking soda in case of any red wine spills on your gown!


Oh, and don’t forget to…


1. Spend some quality alone time with your fiancé.


2. Get lots of beauty sleep, drink plenty of water and if possible do some yoga!


3. Slip a mushy love note inside the pocket of your groom’s tuxedo the day before the wedding.


One last note: Plan to take your holidays from work at least one week before the wedding. You will need it! And tell everyone at work that you will be unavailable until you return from your honeymoon. We know work these days is not your typical 9 to 5 and you are reachable via email and mobile phones, almost 24-7. Do not get caught up in work during your last few days of your wedding planning. Your wedding needs to full undivided attention!

Wedding Planner Croatia

Happy Wedding Planning… in Croatia!