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Zadar – A lover’s paradise

Zadar is fast becoming a popular wedding, honeymoon and engagement proposal destination for couples travelling from all over the world.

I am sure all of you have heard about Dubrovnik and Hvar as the best wedding destinations. They certainly are magnificent with picturesque nature and luxurious venues for holding wedding celebrations. However, a city that is quickly becoming a hot destination in Croatia is Zadar. They call it the Venice of Italy, with its narrow streets, ancient Roman architecture and many romantic spots that lovers love.


Best European Destination for 2016

Zadar was voted as the Best European Destination for 2016, organized by the portal European Best Destinations. It beat out some very famous romantic cities, including Paris, London, Rome, Milan and Barcelona, to name a few.

Zadar region and the city of Zadar have many lovely locations that couples will enjoy. Its history, architecture, ancient Venetian ruins and entrance gates make the city unique.   It has many small and large churches, such as Sv. Donat, dating back to the 9th century.


Photo by Dino Stanin

Photo by Dino Stanin

Greeting to the Sun

Let me tell you a little more about why couples just love this city. For one Zadar is famous for having one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The “Greeting to the Sun” has become a popular engagement proposal spot. Couples travel thousands of miles from all over the world to get engaged in this very special spot.

The “Greeting to the Sun” is produced by a large diameter solar panel, which is composed by 300 multi-layer glass. Underneath the glass is a series of solar cells that store the sun’s energy during the day and produce multicolour waves after the sun sets. Very romantic indeed.


Photo by Tamara Kulikova

Photo by Tamara Kulikova

World’s First Natural Sea Organ

But wait, there is more. Right next to the “Greeting to the Sun” there is Sea Organ, which is the world’s first natural Sea Organ, whereby the music is produced by the winds and waves of the sea.   The Sea Organ is made up of a number of rectangular steps, with a series of pipes that are tuned to produce glorious melodies when air is forced through the waves.

Many people, not just couples, just sit on these steps and observe the beautiful nature of the sea and the nearby islands, while waiting for the most beautiful sunset.

Now just imagine…. You and your lover are watching one of the most beautiful sunsets, while in the background you listen to the symphony from a natural Sea Organ and in front of you, you see nothing but picturesque views of the Adriatic Sea and the neighbouring islands. To me it is honestly one of the most romantic and most relaxing places in the world.



Photo by Bojan Bogdanić

Zadar region and the city of Zadar have many lovely locations that couples will enjoy. Its history, architecture, ancient Venetian ruins and entrance gates make the city unique.

The Isle of Love

Let me tell you another reason why Zadar is a lover’s paradise. Zadar is home to the island of Galešnjak, Croatia’s famous heart shaped island, or simply a “Lover’s Island”. It has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for lovers. Galešnjak is an ideal destination for proposals, honeymooners and new married couples.

Although, I have to warn you that there are no luxury restaurants or hotels on this island. It is a very small island and uninhabited, to get to the island you will need to hire a boat. Lovers love it because it is private, peaceful and far away from all the touristy crowds. I would highly recommend, this is a tip for all you men out there, to plan a romantic day on the island, with a picnic basket and a tent if you would like to spend the night snuggling and watch the sunrise in the morning.


Photo by Ivo Pervan (CNTB)

Photo by Ivo Pervan (CNTB)


Lighthouse on Dugi Otok

Another destination in the Zadar region that is becoming quite popular these days is the Veli Rat Lighthouse on the northwestern tip of Dugi Otok Island.

This is one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Adriatic. Not only is it very private and but the grounds and the views are simply to die for. It has a large paved courtyard with a small chapel, surrounded by beautiful pine trees and a large swing in front of the lighthouse that looks like it is literally hanging from the sky, because it is hanging from a very old and tall pine tree. There is also a nice beach next to the lighthouse, and nearby you will find many secluded bays.

Minutes away from the lighthouse you will find Saharun (or Sakarun) beach, that is quickly becoming popular because of its uniqueness – white sands and large secluded bay.   Veli Žal is another beach that is a hit with couples; it is wild and secluded, with crystal clear waters and white sand.

The lighthouse is by far one of my favourite wedding destinations, and a perfect venue for a private wedding celebration.


Photo by Stipe Barbaroša

Photo by Stipe Barbaroša

It is no wonder that more and more couples are choosing Zadar as their engagement/wedding/honeymoon destination.



If you plan on visiting Zadar for a romantic getaway or just plan a leisurely visit to Zadar please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to provide some tips and recommendations.


Happy Wedding Planning in Croatia!